Brushing your pet’s teeth daily will remove plaque before it can mineralize into tartar. Long-term tartar buildup leads to gum disease and tooth loss. It’s never too early to start preventative dental care for pets.
Dry food is ineffective at keeping teeth clean and it is not ideal nutritionally anyway.

Dental care aids such as rinses, dental treats and oral sprays. When choosing these products, look for all natural ingredients such as plant enzymes and essential oils that will help reduce bacteria in your pet’s mouth.

Giving pets an appropriate sized raw bone to chew on once weekly will help remove plaque and tartar. The bones have to be raw — cooked bones are too hard and pets can break their teeth chewing on them. Chicken necks can be used for small dogs and cats. Be certain to take the bone away when it becomes small enough for them to swallow a large piece.

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