Acupuncture in the Arthritic Pet

  • Posted on: Jan 29 2020
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As our pets age, many of them face pain as a result of arthritis. This is often the case after many years of bringing us joy. None of us want to see our pet in any type of pain. Thankfully, we do not need to sit there and worry. There are different options that can help ease the pain and stiffness that comes from arthritis. One of the most effective treatments in our experience is acupuncture. Not only can it ease pain, it can also provide a better general sense of wellness in your pet.

Understanding Acupuncture

Acupuncture is more well-known for its human applications, but over recent years, the benefits as they apply to cats and dogs have become more prominent. Acupuncture is inserting tiny needles into pressure points.

Those points are found along the Meridian Channels of the body, and direct the channel of Qi, or the flow of energy throughout the body. When those needles are inserted, the balance of energy is restored, allowing for the body to begin to feel better.

Veterinarians are finding great success in many ailments, such as gastrointestinal problems and pain relief, all from the use of acupuncture. When we see an animal struggling with the aches and discomfort of arthritis, we know how much this procedure has the potential to help.

Using This Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to Help an Arthritic Pet

Here at Heart of Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital, we have found many benefits to applying acupuncture. Pets that would otherwise be unable to move around without pain can have a better quality of life from a few simple, painless treatments. Here are some of the benefits your pet can expect if you have them come in for acupuncture to help treat arthritis:

  • They will usually feel less pain and have more mobility.
  • The nerve pain associated with arthritis responds to acupuncture, allowing some of the inflammation to heal.
  • Many pets who struggle with hot spots from their arthritis can have them heal due to the improved circulation pets feel.
  • Upset stomachs that often accompany pain are often relieved with acupuncture.

To find out more about what acupuncture to do to help improve the quality of life your arthritic pet has, give us a call here at Heart of Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital. We understand how much you love your pet, and we will do anything we can to help them enjoy every moment they still have with you without the side-effects that arthritis often brings.

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