All our radiographs are evaluated in-house and then sent to radiologists for further review.
Radiographs are images produced by x-rays. Radiology is a quick and easy imaging modality that provides details on internal organs and structures. We provide skeletal and soft tissue studies as well as specialized contrast studies. All of our systems use digital technology. Digital imaging produces superior images, allows us near instantaneous images, and the ability to consult with radiologists in real time via the internet.

At all our facilities radiographs are initially evaluated by our doctors in-house, and then are sent to a board certified veterinary radiologist for further review. This additional layer of review provides us with timely and accurate diagnostic interpretation of each study.
Oral x-rays are performed on every patient undergoing a COHAT anesthesia procedure to ensure diseased teeth are identified and treated. Ensuring successful tooth root extraction is crucial to the recovery of their oral health.


Ultrasound examination allows us to evaluate internal organs and tissues through this non-invasive, real-time, diagnostic tool.
Ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves to generate pictures of what is going on inside the body. Ultrasound examination can be used to evaluate the size, shape, location, internal structure, and function of hidden internal organs. These non-invasive painless exams can detect the abnormal presence of fluid and the differences in organ tissue density for both the chest and abdominal areas.

Cardiology Work Up

Radiographs, electrocardiograms, and Doppler (checking the blood pressure) are among our tools that promote heart health.
Cardiology entails many areas of diagnosis and treatment of heart problems. We typically provide cardiac services spanning a physical exam, thoracic radiographs, an electrocardiogram, laboratory blood analyses, an echocardiogram, and Doppler.


Examining cells under a microscope is an important part of diagnosing troublesome and potentially persistent ear and skin conditions. Our staff can easily obtain a non-invasive sample for evaluation while you wait for results in minutes. Once the veterinarian discusses the findings and reviews a treatment plan our staff can demonstrate how to apply medication effectively.

Lab Results While You Wait

We utilize in-hospital testing methods for both preventive care and emergency situations. Annual “SNAP” Heartworm, tick and feline infectious disease screening results are ready in 15 minutes. A drop of urine and a refractometer will aid in the diagnosis of kidney problems and our chemistry analyzer can diagnose a life threatening toxicity when every second counts.

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