“Honestly I have never been to such a great vet. THIS PLACE TRULY IS THE HEART OF BROOKLYN! Thank you, Heart of Brooklyn for being so great!” — Kara C.

“The best veterinarian clinic I have been to. I found a stray cat and took him here. They were so kind and patient with him and they were so kind and informative to my boyfriend and me. — Anonymous.

“Dr. Bill has been our vet from day one with our dog. We are first time dog owners, and his advice and medical expertise really helped us avoid some “time-bomb” issues which we didn’t know about when we adopted our Louie. To say that he cares is an understatement and we are glad that he has taken such good care of our Louie.” — Ming O.

“They gave him his shots and were very gentle when taking his temperature. The nurse and vet were extremely FRIENDLY. The doctor was so enthusiastic and it was extremely apparent to me that he truly cares about animals.” — Anonymous.

“This new veterinary practice is a much needed addition to Fort Greene. Since I met him last year, Dr. Bill Farmer has provided my wife and me with great advice and information dealing with our two cats and dog (who recently passed away from old age). When our dog was ill, before the office opened, Bill spent time on the phone with me for free and explained his condition better than my dog’s actual vet. It was great relief when they finally opened. We have already taken one of our cats there and again got excellent advice and service. I totally recommend this practice.” — Abbot W.

“Not only was the service and treatment of both my boyfriend and myself, as well as my cat, great, but the office was beautiful and CLEAN! It was so clean and they provide tea/water/coffee.” — Anonymous.

“Dr. Farmer took care of my pets when he was at Brooklyn Vet. He has always been gentle and dedicated. He explains everything very clearly and I personally have known him to go out of his way to provide optimal pet care. I look forward to taking my pets to his new office on their annual visit.” — Rachel W.

“The receptionist gave me a vegan cupcake she baked which was ABSOLUTELY delicious. And on top of that they gave me a health card for my cat dating his vaccinations and treatments as well as putting a sticker of proof on it. They ALSO gave me a goodie bag filled with treats, two cups for measuring food, a package with calming pheromone wipes for traveling, flea, ear mites and tick treatment, and tops for wet food.” — Anonymous.

“This clinic is a welcome addition to Fort Greene. I took my 14 year old dog (blind & deaf) to see Dr. Farmer. He was so kind, gentle and thorough and took great pains to inform me of the best way to make sure Paxton is happy in his later years. Dr. Farmer’s clinic is clean, bright and happy–and his staff is friendly and responsive. I could not be happier with this visit!” — Michelle P.

“I frequently rescue cats and have been trying to find an awesome vet like this one. They’re more expensive than the humane society and other low cost vets but the extra cost is 100% worth the treatment you get at this place. They also have an adorable cat that lives there named Talula that they got from a bodega. She had a broken jaw and they now take care of her (SHOWING HOW MUCH THEY REALLY CARE). I don’t think you should ever take your beloved animal to a place with less than five stars and I completely know why this place has five stars! It’s THE BEST!” — Anonymous.

“Wonderful experience. Dr. Farmer is the most comprehensive and thorough vet I have visited throughout the span of three dogs worth of doctors. He and his staff are very friendly and informative. And as far as pricing goes, they are upfront and do their best to explain every single charge, which is the best I could ask for from any veterinary office.” — Shannon D.

“Dr. Farmer and his team is by far the best Vet I have taken my animals to. I have two large senior dogs and two senior cats, all with their own issues and Heart of Brooklyn has handled each one with incredible care. Such a great addition to our community. Can’t praise HOB enough.” — Peter H.

“Everyone over at Heart of Brooklyn are lovely, calm & knowledgeable. They are a great addition to the neighborhood.” — Anonymous

“I am writing this because it is so hard to find a veterinarian you can put your full faith in and it is a particular challenge in this very large city. This is an exceptional veterinary hospital. It’s small, and that’s wonderful. Everyone is loving and kind towards pets and people. Particularly the receptionist, Theresa, and the tech (can’t remember her name) are great to interact with. That is exceedingly rare in any health setting in this city. I like that there is one veterinarian that you see everytime, and that he knows and cares about your pet. Dr. Farmer is thorough and sympathetic. He will spend as long as you need, answering every single question you have and more, so that you understand deeply any issues or treatment. We found out that our nearly five year old dog has hip dysplasia and intervertebral disc disease which are causing her a lot of pain. She’ll probably have to be on some time of pain management for the rest of her life, but he’s making sure we are understanding her issues as well as working with us to develop a treatment plan that will be as little invasive as possible. Over three visits, he has spent probably two hours going over every question we have, and made this whole thing much less scary. To be honest, I think his attentiveness may make him run a little bit late, but when you realize that you too are benefitting from this attentiveness, and that he’s not going to rush you out of the room when you still have questions… that’s really nice.” — Eileen M.

“Dr. Farmer and his staff are great at what they do! They’re knowledgeable, patient and kind. We had a dog emergency a few weekends ago and Dr. Farmer squeezed us in and was able to diagnose and come up with a treatment plan for our Yorkie, Bleu, immediately. We are so glad to have Dr. Farmer as our vet!” — Jane P.

“We met Dr. Farmer about a year ago when he was at another clinic. We are SO excited that he now has his own practice. We were very grateful for the way he helped guide us in the care of our very old dogs in their final months. Dr. Farmer and his staff are always very patient, helpful and extremely welcoming, I am so happy to have found a vet that we trust to give the absolute best care to our two pups (one recently adopted and another older girl).” — Denise H.

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